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Education Licence A: Statutory Broadcast Licence

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Frequently asked questions

Can I make digital copies under the Statutory Broadcast Licence?

Yes.  Electronic or digital copies (CD, DVD, USB, mp4, etc) may be made from:

  • broadcasts of free and pay radio and television programs; and
  • online television webcasts and podcasts of free-to-air programs on the broadcaster's website.

Can copy programs be made digitally available for students to access?

Educational institutions covered by a remuneration notice can upload a Copy Program to a password protected share drive, intranet, content or learning management system or external platform (Clickview, Functional Solutions or Kanopy) for students to access for educational purposes.

If a Copy Program is communicated, the school or TAFE must take reasonable steps to make sure that the broadcast can only be accessed by staff and students.

Can I make a preview copy before deciding whether to use it in class?

An educational institution may make preview copies of television and/or radio programs. There is no requirement to mark preview copies. However the educational institution has 14 days from the day they made the copy, to decide whether it intends to use or keep it for educational purposes.

If the educational institution decides to keep the preview copy, it must mark it in the required manner.

If the educational institution decides not to use or keep the preview copy, it must delete the copy otherwise it will not be considered to be a preview copy.

Can I lend or borrow copies to or from another institution?

Copy Programs may not be sold or supplied for profit.

Copy Programs may be loaned to another educational institution if the institution is covered by a remuneration notice or is covered by a remuneration notice issued by your administering body. See above: Educational Institution must be covered by remuneration notice.

Can I purchase or request a Copy Program from a resource centre?

Yes you can purchase or request a copy program from a resource centre, provided your educational institution has issued a remuneration notice or is covered by a remuneration notice issued by your administering body.  See above:  Educational Institution must be covered by remuneration notice.

Set out below is a list of resource centres:

ClickView:                                http://www.clickview.com.au

Enhance TV:                            www.enhancetv.com.au

TV4Education:                         www.tv4education.com

QUT Tape Copying Service:     http://www.itservices.qut.edu.au/avservices/avrecording.jsp

ResourceLink:                          email: mtucker@bne.catholic.edu.au
(Copies are only supplied to Brisbane Catholic schools)     

Informit                                       http://www.informit.com.au/tvnews.html

Understanding Faith                   http://www.understandingfaith.edu.au  

Can I make a copy for another educational institution?

Copy Programs may be made on behalf of an educational institution requesting a copy, provided it is covered by a remuneration notice issued by the educational institution or a body administering the educational institution.

Will we have to participate in a copyright survey?

Schools and TAFEs are no longer required to participate in copyright surveys for the Statutory Broadcast Licence. Resource Centre records from Clickview, Functional Solutions, Enhance TV, etc are used to distribute licence income to rights-holders.

Other issues under the Statutory Broadcast Licence

Disability copying

Sections 113E and 113F of the Copyright Act contain new Disability Access Measures that allow educational institutions to copy material to provide to students with disabilities. For further information please see 3.2 Disability Access Measures in the Copyright Guidelines (http://www.smartcopying.edu.au/copyright-guidelines/library-and-disability-copying/3-2-disability-access-measures

Library copying

Non-profit libraries (including libraries within an educational institution) may copy videos, CD-ROMs or DVDs to:

  • preserve their collection;
  • assist with research carried out at the library;
  • provide to students for their research and study; and
  • loan to other libraries. 

Copies may be made from existing copies either by the library or library acting on its behalf.
For further information about library copying please see: http://www.smartcopying.edu.au/copyright-guidelines/library-and-disability-copying/3-1-library-copying 

Playing a television or radio in the staffroom or other public areas of the school or TAFE Institute

You need permission to play the television or radio in the staffroom or other public area when it is not for an educational purpose. This is not covered by the Statutory Broadcast Licence.  A public performance licence will also be needed from APRA and PPCA to cover any music and sound recordings included in television or radio programs.

SmartCopying Tips

Cost Burden

Your educational body pays fees for the copying of radio and television programs under the Statutory Broadcast Licence. To minimise the costs payable under this licence, it is good practice to:

  1. Link to or embed to free to air television and radio programs (eg: ABCiview; SBS On Demand; PLUS7; 9Jumpin; tenplay) where possible rather than making a copy. Linking and embedding are not copyright activities because you are not actually copying the program, only providing an address to its location on another website. As a result, providing links to material on external websites or embedding content are good ways of managing copyright.


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