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Education Licence E: AMCOS/ARIA/APRA Licence

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AMCOS/APRA/ARIA Licence for the Reproduction of Musical Works and Sound Recordings by Educational Institutions

The AMCOS/APRA/ARIA licence covers the use of  sound recordings (ie recorded music) in schools and at school events, and making audio and video recordings of school events involving music, for non-commercial, educational and commemorative purposes.

Note this licence applies to the use of recorded music, and the making of recordings of music. A different licence covers the rights to perform music live at school events (eg school bands, individual performers) - see our fact sheet on Education Licence C: APRA Licence for more information.


Grand Rights Works  include vocal or other scores from musicals, operas, operettas, music theater works, ballets, pantomimes and stage shows and large choral works(longer than 20 minutes duration in their entirety).

School event  means an event organised or authorized by the school, including:

  • concerts, events or functions held at the school - eg presentation nights, drama or music performances, assemblies, etc (whether or not parents and the school community are invited)
  • concerts, events or functions connected with the school at a different venue (whether or not parents and the school community are invited)
  • sports days with recorded music
  • school fêtes with live or recorded music

The following are not regarded as school events, for the purpose of this licence:

  • a dance festival run by another organisation and not connected with the school 
  • an eisteddfod organised by an eisteddfod body*
  • performance by a professional musician*

*When considering what 'events' are covered, note the position is different if you will be using recorded music (for which this licence applies) rather than performing music live (in which case Education Licence C: The APRA Licence applies- see our fact sheet on the APRA Licence for more information).

Live music performances by professional musicians and at eisteddfods (other than the Rock Eisteddfod) are covered (by Education Licence C: The APRA Licence - see our fact sheet on the APRA licence for more information), while use of recorded music by professional musicians and at eisteddfods is not.

Which schools are covered by this Licence?

All government primary and secondary schools, and most Catholic and independent primary and secondary schools, are covered by this licence.  If you are unsure if your school is covered, find your peak body’s representative here and contact them to check.

What schools covered by this Licence may do:

Make Sound Recordings

Schools are permitted to make sound recordings (eg copies of tracks from CD, or copies of digital music files) in any format:

  • to be played at a school event (eg copying music to CD or MP3 to play at an event)
  • of a school event at which music is played (eg making a video or audio recording of a school event)
  • for inclusion in an electronic presentation ( eg classroom PowerPoint slides, or in presentations at assemblies or functions)
  • to play in class for educational purposes (eg to play music recordings relevant to material being studied)
  • to be used as part of a course of instruction (eg when teaching how to make or use sound recordings in music or multimedia classes)
  • to synchronise with recordings made of a school event (eg to add a musical soundtrack to a video recording of a school assembly, presentation night or sports day).

Make Video Recordings

Schools and the school community are permitted to make video recordings of school events at which live or recorded music is played – eg parents and friends can make a video of a presentation night at which the school band played.

Note however that they are only able to use these recordings for their private and domestic use (ie not permitted to upload onto facebook, YouTube, etc.).

Upload to the Intranet

Schools with a password protected content repository are permitted to:

  • upload the copies of sound recordings and audio or video recordings of school events described above (see ‘Make Sound Recordings’ and ‘Make Video Recordings' above) and stream to staff and students.

For example, you can upload copies of CD tracks to the school content repository so that you can play them in class, or upload a video of a school concert for access by staff and students.

Make a Live Communication – ie "Webcast" school events – over the Internet

Schools are permitted to:

  • make a live communication – ie stream in real time – a recording of a school event from the school’s website to the internet (ie not just within the school's intranet). 

This communication must be streamed as the event is occurring. You cannot leave a recording of the event available on the school website once the event is finished.

However you can move a recording of the event onto the school's password protected content repository for access by staff and students, as discussed under 'Upload to the Intranet' above.

For example, you can stream video of a presentation day at which school bands are playing from the school website as the event is occurring, and once the event has finished a recording can be stored on the school intranet for teachers and students to access.

Sell Recordings

Schools are permitted to sell or supply recordings of a school event:

  • to members of the school community for their private and domestic use, for free or for a fee charged solely to recover costs of staging the event; or
  • to students, for their own private and domestic uses, at no charge or for no more than the direct cost of making the copy (eg if it costs $2 to make a DVD of a school concert, $0.50 for the DVD case and $0.50 for the label, you can charge up to $3 per copy); or 
  • to other schools covered by the licence, for their own educational purposes, at no charge or for no more than the direct cost of making the copy

Any recordings you sell or supply:

  • must not include advertising or promotional material, and
  • must be labelled as follows:

'This recording has been made under a licence from AMCOS and ARIA for educational purposes only'

and display the following details of each musical work captured in the recording:

  • the title
  • the composer/arranger
  • if dubbed from a commercial recording, artist and record company.

What the Licence does not cover:

This licence does not permit you to:

  • place copyright-infringing copies of music on your school content repository – this means you should not work with any music you suspect is 'pirated'
  • make a video recording of a Grand Rights Works (or a choral work of over 20 minutes duration) in its entirety (eg this licence doesn't permit you to produce a DVD of a school musical)
  • make a public broadcast of any recording (for example, via a publicly accessible school radio station or online radio or video portal) – the only "broadcast" you can make is a live stream from your school website, as discussed under 'Make a Live Communication' above
  • upload any recordings to the internet for download by members of the public
  • remix, sample or segue any sound recordings (although this may be permitted to some extent under the 'fair dealing' and 'flexible dealing' exceptions in the Act – see our information sheets on copyright exceptions and flexible dealing for more details).

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