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Information for schools selected to participate in Copyright Surveys

How was the school selected?

Each year a total of 224 schools from around Australia take part in copyright surveys.

Schools are selected by state Department of Education representatives according to a set of guidelines. The guidelines set out the number of schools to be selected by state, sector and level.

Each state Department of Education representative starts with a full list of all schools in the state, then:

•Schools participating in a copyright survey in the past 8 years are removed from the list; and

•Selections are made using a random skip interval method until the required number of schools in each category is achieved.

Is it mandatory?

Yes, this survey arises from legislation and agreements between schools, the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS) and The Copyright Agency. 

The agreements allow copying of print material for educational purposes without seeking individual permissions from the individual copyright owners. The survey minimises overall record keeping as schools are required to keep records only when selected for the surveys. Otherwise schools would have to document all copies of copyright material made for educational purposes at all times.

Where does the information go?

The Copyright Agency reviews all records submitted by schools to determine:

•The copyright owner of the material copied; and

•Whether a payment needs to be made to the copyright owner.

Licence fees that are paid by or on behalf of schools can then be distributed to the copyright owners identified by the survey for the use of their material by schools.

It is important to note that neither The Copyright Agency nor individual copyright owners receive information about which schools have used materials as records are submitted with an ID rather than the school name.

Who should attend the training?

Either the principal or deputy principal of the school attends the training session along with the staff member nominated as the Copyright Survey Co-ordinator (CSC) for the school. The training session acts as a ‘train the trainer’ session.

The person selected as the CSC for the school attends the training day to learn about the requirements of the survey.

Upon returning to the school the CSC needs to train all the other school staff in what they will need to do during the survey period. Materials will be provided to assist with this training.

The school principal is asked to provide support to the CSC during the survey period and ensure that all staff comply with the requirements of the survey.

What is the role of the CSC?

The CSC is the main contact at the school for the survey manager (AMR) throughout the survey period.

The CSC trains all the other school staff in what they will need to do during the survey period.

The CSC will also:

•Assist with queries before, during and after the survey;

•Encourage and motivate staff to submit records as required;

•Keep the principal informed of the survey progress;

•Monitor progress throughout the survey and complete weekly paperwork;

•Work with the AMR survey manager throughout the survey period to ensure the survey runs smoothly; and

•Be responsible for “chasing up” responses from school staff on any queried records or provide clarification of records requested.


What resources are needed?

The minimum resourcing requirements are for a single staff member selected as the CSC to undertake all of the responsibilities.

In larger schools these tasks will take more time and it may be advisable to have more than one person trained as the CSC. You can send more than one CSC along to your scheduled ‘Train the trainer’ session.

‘Train the trainer’ session: This will be scheduled for approximately 3 weeks prior to the end of the term before your survey period.  For term 1 schools, training is conducted in the first two weeks of the school year. Attendance is compulsory.

On-training of all staff: This is to be completed after the training day and prior to the survey start date. You will need to set aside at least 30 minutes to fully explain the requirements of the survey to staff. Whether the survey briefing is going to take place at a regular staff meeting after the CSC’s training session, or in a separate meeting, consider planning well in advance to ensure the time needed can be set aside. It is particularly important for schools in the term 1 survey to take note of this requirement.

Set-up of materials: Materials for the survey will need to be set-up in the week prior to the survey start. These materials will be provided to you.

During/ After the survey: Depending on the size of the school the CSC will need to be provided with a relevant amount of time to check all the forms for completion, complete weekly reports and contact staff when there are queries from AMR.

Who can I contact about the survey?

Should you have queries about your selection, or the survey itself, please contact your representative as early as possible. Even if your school’s selection is later in the year, it is preferable to address any concerns now.

Contacts are:

Department of Education Representatives:

NSW: Steve Oom (02) 7814 1101

VIC: Cate Mills (03) 9637 3810

QLD: Ilona Baronayte (07) 3513 5852

SA: Sarah Brown (08) 8226 1555

WA: Laurence Shepherd (08) 9264 4058

NT: Gerry Greene (08) 8951 1604  

ACT: Julie Goodall (02) 6205 8215

TAS: Catherine Saunders (03) 6165 6187

Catholic Education: Ian Baker (02) 9287 1520

Independent Schools: Tony Crehan  (03) 6224 0125