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Appendix A - Information about deleting and archiving

Archiving or Deleting Material When It Is No Longer Needed

Clearing out material on a DTE that is no longer required is one practical way of managing your compliance with the Statutory Text and Artistic Licence and the Statutory Broadcast Licence.  This can be done in two ways.

Deleting material

Material that the TAFE no longer requires for educational purposes should be completely deleted. This will assist in minimising the storage burden on the TAFE as well as ensuring that the TAFE is not incurring copyright fees for material it no longer needs.

Archiving material

Material should be archived where the TAFE expects to use the material again for educational purposes in the future.  Archiving involves moving the material into a closed area online where it can only be accessed by one person, such as the TAFE librarian, ICT Manager or teacher who uploaded the material in the first place. Restricting access to the material will ensure that the TAFE is not incurring additional copyright fees.