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Appendix C – Glossary of Key Terms

Broadcast includes radio (analogue and digital) and television broadcasts from free to air and subscription providers.

Communicate means making copyright material available online or electronically transmitting copyright material. 'Making available' can include putting material on the internet or intranet. 'Electronic transmission' includes emailing, streaming or electronic reticulation.

Copy includes photocopying, audiotaping, scanning or saving to disc.

Film includes cinematographic films, video recordings, DVDs, television programs, advertisements and music videos .

Performance to the Public includes any mode of visual or aural presentation such as reciting a poem, showing a film (e.g. a video or DVD), playing a sound recording (e.g. a CD), staging a performance of a play, or displaying a diagram or plan on an overhead transparency.

Webcast or streaming refers to the live presentation of information in a continuous (streaming) format delivered through the Internet. A webcast might be associated with other web pages or other web-browser-based content in addition to the live stream.