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This manual provides insights for TAFE teachers and institutes about using copyright material in a Digital Teaching Environment (DTE).  For our purposes, a DTE is an online environment with features that enable students and teachers to store, engage and collaborate with teaching and learning resources and course work via restricted or password protected access.  Examples used in TAFEs include:

  • Cloud storage or cloud-based productivity tools (eg G Suite, Office 365, dropbox, iCloud); 
  • Share drives or intranet; 
  • Learning management systems (eg Moodle, Blackboard, Brightspace, Equella, Canvas);
  • Closed class area on an education platform (eg Edmodo, Verso, Google Classroom or iTunes U).
  • Closed wikis;
  • Closed portals.

Teachers may copy a range of content into a DTE – including images, text, radio and television programs, film and sound recordings.  This manual discusses the copyright considerations in relation to each of these types of content and will help teachers to comply with copyright obligations when working with a DTE

However, firstly, we draw your attention to the importance of identifying and using free material.  The use of free material and strategies that avoid copying provides teachers and students with the flexibility they need to manage the content they use.  We also encourage the use and creation of Open Educational Resources (OER) – which is a movement that is sweeping the education sector internationally.