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Where to find CC licensed music

Where to Find CC Licensed Music

Educational resources are also increasingly becoming more sensory with the use of music, sounds and videos. There are multiple sources of CC licensed audio-visual materials. The following sites are good sources of music and sounds:

 SoundCloud   SoundCloud is a social sound platform with many tracks licensed under CC and searchable as such. 

jamendo   jamendo is an active community offering more than 350,000 free music tracks that are CC licensed and all available for streaming and unlimited download without ads.

Internet Archive   Internet Archive has a collection of CC licensed recordings such as news programmes, concerts, book and poetry readings and music, many of which are free to download. 

cc Mixter   ccMixter is a community music website featuring CC licensed remixes and samples which are free to download. 

Free Music Archive   Free Music Archive offers high-quality and downloadable CC licensed music searchable via genre. 

freesound   Freesound is a collaborative database of downloadable audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps released under CC licenses which are searchable by keywords and custom browsing. 

Opsound   Opsound is an online community which shares music under CC licenses searchable by tags, genres and artists. 

Audionautix   Audionautix offers CC licensed music searchable by genres, mood and tempo. 

CC Music Communities  CC Music Communities lists music web communities which use CC licences, many of which are listed below:
  • Bandcamp
  • Indaba
  • Tribe of noise
  • Airborne
  • Restorm