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Education Licence D: AMCOS Licence

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Secondary Schools

Type of musical work Permitted no. of copies per original

Separately published works

15 copies in total

Vocal score

15 copies of each of a maximum of three songs from the vocal score (provided that the copies are not made or used in the rehearsal or performance of a Grand Right Work)

Choral Sheet

copies in total

Music Collection

15 copies in total with a maximum of 3 from the collection

Transcription by hand of melody and/or lyrics of a song

15 copies in total

Transcription by hand of musical work into a different key

15 copies in total

Orchestral/ band set

Copies of up to 30 instrumental parts

Chamber Music Work

Up to the number of players, provided not more than 10 parts are copied

Marking Requirements

Educational institutions copying musical works under the AMCOS licence must meet certain marking requirements on the published musical work and its copies.

Original Music

Licensed Copies

It is recommended that schools purchase a stamp with the above wording for Licensed Copies from your local stationer. Licensed Copies must be stamped, and it is most important that the number of copies made from the original music is marked on or attached to the music, so that schools can keep a record of the number of copies made from each original.

All copies made remain the property of the school for which they were made.

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