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Increased digital rights in print music for schools due to COVID-19 crisis

Update 9 July 2020

In order for schools to continue their educational activities in these difficult circumstances, AMCOS (which represents copyright owners of print music) has granted a gratis licence for schools to make and share digital copies of AMCOS print music. This permission is granted for all schools, whether students are participating remotely or in person. It is granted on a temporary basis only, and will be effective from 16 March through to 31 December 2020, with an extension available should schools remain closed after that date.

Conditions for AMCOS gratis licence to apply

The AMCOS gratis licence is permitted under the following conditions:

● Only students and parents/carers can view the digital copy via a password protected DTE ;
● No further copies/downloads can be made;
● limit access to the digital copy to those students that need to view it for their educational purpose;
● Only music that is permitted to be photocopied under the AMCOS Print Music Licence may be reproduced/shared (ie. no music for the purposes of private tuition and no tutor books);
● Make sure you comply with the copying limits under the Licence regardless of whether hard copies or digital copies have been made.You need to count both the number of hard copies and number of students given digital access. (e.g. making 3 hard copies for3 students and giving 12 students access to a digital copies which is a total of 15);
● Mark the original and digital copies as required under the Licence ;and
● Digital copies are to be destroyed/deleted immediately after the quarantine period.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the National Copyright Unit on Tel: 02 7814 3855 or at smartcopying@det.nsw.edu.au or APRA AMCOS at schools@apra.com.au.

The National Copyright Unit is always here to provide copyright assistance and advice to schools and TAFEs. Visit the Smartcopying website, www.smartcopying.edu.au.

Australia’s education system is facing uncertain times due to the COVID-19 Crisis. The NCU has prepared an information sheet to provide some guidance. We will continue to update this as the situation develops.