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Copyright in the Digital Teaching Environment: A Manual for Schools

At the time of writing this manual, the Copyright Act 1968 (Copyright Act) had been recently amended to incorporate the provisions of the Copyright Amendment (Disability and other Measures) Act 2017.  This amending legislation repeals the Statutory Broadcast Licence (Part VA) and Statutory Text and Artistic Licence (Part VB) removing the copying limits and record keeping requirements, and replacing them with a new Part IVA, Division 4.  These amendments simplify the operation of the educational statutory licences and provide more flexibility for educational institutions and collecting societies to negotiate agreed terms.  At this stage, we advise Schools to continue to apply the existing copying limits and notice requirements of the Statutory Text and Artistic Licence until new copying limits or other requirements are agreed by Schools and Copyright Agency.
An updated version will be published when the new arrangements have been settled. 



Text and Artistic Works

Music and Sound Recordings

Broadcast Radio and Television

Television and Radio Programmes That Have Not Been Previously Broadcast

Films and Videos

Library, Exam and Disability Copying 

Appendix A - Information about deleting and archiving 

Appendix B - Flexible Dealing - Requirements of Section 200AB

Appendix C - Glossary of Key Terms